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Being a former competitive gymnast, a current triathlete, and a surgical Physician Assistant I have very high expectations of my massage therapist. I must say that I am more than impressed with Matt. To be a truly GREAT therapist you need more than knowledge, you need talent and the ability to read bodies. You can’t fake the talent Matt has. He has been able to identify and treat my injuries and ailments with ease. I honestly believe if not for Matt I may no longer be racing. My injuries seemed serious and permanent, yet through his therapy I am now stronger and wiser. As if his talent isn’t enough, his demeanor leaves you feeling relaxed and safe. I recommend him to everyone I know, and so will you! Thanks Matt!! Keep rockin it!!
— Ricky B (Triathlete, Physician Assistant)

My wife surprised me with a massage session with Matt for my birthday.  I work long weeks behind a desk and started feeling back pain and tension in my neck a few months earlier.  She knew that I could benefit from a quality massage.  I described my pain to Matt and he knew exactly what I needed.  Not only was our session one of the most relaxing experiences I've ever had, my back and neck pain are completely gone.  Matt really understands his craft and is passionate about helping people live healthier lives.  I recommend Matt to anyone with muscle pain or simply a need for some "me time."

— David H (Tax Accountant)

Matt Abrams was my introduction to massage therapy—a practice this up-tight New England grandmother wouldn’t have remotely considered but for the fact that I was virtually immobilized with back pain. Matt made me a believer: he is thoroughly professional, considerate, and best of all, effective. With chronic osteoarthritis, having a weekly massage in the privacy of my own home has given a new and welcome dimension to my life. I would recommend Matt as a massage therapist without any reservation.

— Ann L. (Retired Lawyer)

I've been fortunate to travel the world and have had massages at some of the finest resorts and hotels. Thus far I have yet to find someone who's had the expertise fit the bill of a true massage as such that Matt provides. He is truly the best. If you haven't experienced one of his massage , You have yet to experience a real massage!

— Brad A. (Commodities) 

I am a veteran with many back and neck ailments. Matt's techniques and knowledge of the healing arts makes his massages far superior to any I have had in the past. His hands are truly a healing experience and relieves me of a lot of pain, a sincere healer. 

— Robert B. (Veteran)

I for sure can vouch that I feel better than when I was 60 yrs. old. I am almost 87 yrs. old now & thanks to my weekly massages, I’m the envy of my friends.  Your advice on health, Food & exercise has kept me at a healthy size 10-12 from a 2X. You can be assured that I will continue with your help & might even reach 100!! Thank you Matt – for making & keeping me a very happy, healthy woman.

— Shirlee A. (Retired Secretary)

I am always nervous about letting a stranger work on my body but that all changed within minutes of my first session. Since Matt made me feel so comfortable I instantly noticed great results. He really has some incredible positive energy that is extremely apparent during bodywork. I am extremely grateful to work with Matt and I can only hope many others will have the opportunity for such life changing bodywork in the future. 

— Justin A. (Musician)